Is Greater Shelburne a great place to do business?

We’re situated on Nova Scotia’s southern shore, off a major highway, just two hours from Halifax and the international airport. We’re one hour from the Yarmouth/Maine Ferry, and two hours from the Digby/New Brunswick Ferry. And we have one of the best natural harbours in the world. So whatever you’re into, whatever you’re selling, a world of customers is a stone’s throw away.

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Everything you need to succeed.

Yes, Greater Shelburne is beautiful. But most importantly, it’s accessible. From our ideal location and ocean-side industrial lots to our supportive community and super-skilled workforce, we’re a make it happen place for make it happen people. The only thing we say no to is red tape.

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Skilled, loyal workforce? Aye-aye, Captain!

Our experienced workforce is ready to get down to business—your business. Our labour pool is deep and wide, drawing on people from all over the region and attracting workers from other parts of Nova Scotia, Canada, and the world who are eager to work in our exciting marine sector. And with provincial training programs to support start-ups and our commitment to eliminating red tape, you can hit the high seas sooner.

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Ideal community.

For those who dream of escaping the hustle and bustle of the city, but worry about leaving behind all the conveniences— you can stop right now. In Greater Shelburne, you can slow down to smell the roses and still be connected to the modern world. Yup! We’ve got everything you and your family (and business) need, right here. We have amenities that make a community great: excellent schools and hospitals, parks, restaurants, gyms and shopping. All that, and always within a short distance to the city.

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At the helm of shipbuilding, aquaculture, oil & gas.

Our big, deep, ice-free harbour makes Greater Shelburne ideally situated for marine technology, fabrication, and much more. We know shipbuilding and ship repair like the back of our hands, with world-class facilities all along our harbour-front. There is huge potential for growth in aquaculture; marine life thrives in our nutrient-rich waters, and our workforce is up to the gills in knowledge of seafood. And big players in oil & gas are tapping into the resources just off our shores, creating exciting opportunities in that sector right here. Basically, if it floats, sinks, or swims, we’re into it in Greater Shelburne.